Teachers of the Week [Spirit Squad]

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week! Instead of picking two students to highlight like we have done previously, we’ve chosen two well deserving teachers for their work in the classroom, but for the way the support students in outside activities.


Dana Mosher-Lewis, is your very first teacher of the week! During the school week, Dana loves teaching OES kids in the Spanish classroom. She also loves her colleagues in the Language office.

When at home, Dana enjoyes spending time on her couch reading with her awesome cat Mia. During her other off hours she loves hiking at Tryon Creek park.

One of the reasons we picked Dana as teacher of the month was because of her immense support on the sidelines of all of our athletic events. You can catch her on the sidelines of almost any aardvark sports event. Thank you for being such a great teacher and community member Dana!


Our other teacher of the week is Rob Orr! Rob came to OES in 2002, and this is his 14th year teaching here. He went to college at Duke University and graduated in 1980 with a BS in Zoology and Biology.

His favorite football team to watch is the Philadelphia Eagles and his favorite basketball team is the Duke Blue Devils. He also loves all the OES sports teams.

Some of his hobbies include buying and refurbishing tubas and other brass instruments. He also made his own periodic table of the elements. An adventuresome and lover of the outdoors who is always trying new things, we congratulate Rob Orr for being the superb teacher he is!

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