The Chance the Rapper Poster Brouhaha, Explained

by Jethro Swain

I’m sure most of you reading this article have seen at least one of the three emails pertaining to Chance the Rapper posters.

I’m also sure most of you saw Ed’s two emails about use of all school emails that were sent out this Wednesday, May 4th.

Well I’m here to connect the two and give the backstory behind each one, since I am a part of this story. So if you like Chance, like posters, like Nathan C., Thomas H., Me, Andy S., Alden F., or Grady M., or just like a good story, then this is the article for you.

The ordeal started with an email from Nathan C. on Monday, May 2nd, that he and Thomas have “recently acquired some extra Chance the Rapper posters from his album “Chance 3″ that’s getting released in the next week.”

For those of you not updated that much on Chance the Rapper, he does have a new album that hopefully will be released Thursday night after he performs on Jimmy Fallon. On April 31st he released a link ( where you can buy posters of the supposed cover of his new album, however, you can only buy the posters in tens.

The website only allows quantities of ten posters at $20 per ten, with $8.95 shipping. So if you do the math the posters are worth a little under $3 if you are to buy ten.

However, a lot of people probably don’t want ten posters, so this is where Nathan and Thomas jumped in.

I responded to Nathan’s email and asked if he was giving the posters out for free or if he was selling them and if so for how much. Nathan responded saying that they were selling them for $8, which is 267% more than an individual poster is worth if you were to buy them on

At the price of $8 you would spend more money buying 4 posters than if you were to buy ten. But, like I said before, most people won’t want ten, so the value of getting just one poster without the hassle of shipping is $5.

Now, this irked me a little bit, because I was hoping they would be free or at least cheap so I could take or purchase some.

But selling the posters for $8 seemed not to be in the spirit of Chance, who is the most successful unlabeled artist ever. If you don’t believe me, take note that in the 42 or something seasons of SNL, Chance is the only unsigned artist to ever appear as the musical guest, and he’s done it twice this season, once by himself when he performed “Somewhere In Paradise” and “Sunday Candy”, and again when he performed with Kanye for “Ultralight Beam.”
So the following day, Tuesday May 3rd, Alden and I were sitting on the couch in the great hall during free block, as we do, when Graham came and sat down with us. He said “I need to find Thomas to give him my money,” and I asked if the money was for the posters.

Graham explained that he wanted some posters just so he could turn them and make a profit when the album came out. He then spotted Thomas and went and gave him the $8. When I told him that you could buy 10 posters for $20 on Chance’s website, Graham’s eyes got big.

He was astounded, obviously not knowing the true value of the posters. That’s when Graham went and asked for his money back and an explanation for why they were worth $8.

I overheard snippets of Thomas’ explanation, but I wanted the full thing. But Thomas said “Just wait I’ll tell you in a minute,” because he and Abe were talking about something for like 30 minutes, probably something stupid too, like how to write a Dig article.

I assume their conversation went something like:

“Hey Abe, how do I write this Dig article,”
“Thomas it’s easy, it’s just like writing articles for the Timbers or winning Echoes whenever you want with your LJP,”
“But Abe, I don’t work for the Timbers nor do I know what an LJP is.”
“Hahahahahahaha wow loser.”

So after that conversation Thomas explained to me the premise of his $8 posters, and basically told me this: Chance’s posters of his previous albums, “10 Day” and “Acid Rap”, are being sold for $16, and the only reason the “Chance 3” posters are being sold at the price and quantity of what they are is because the artist wants the posters spread around his hometown of Chicago.

Once the album is released, theoretically the price of the posters will rise to $16 — and $8 will become half price.

While this does seem logical, it doesn’t mean that the posters right now aren’t worth $3. Nathan and Thomas would be making a huge profit if they sell all their posters. What if a poor little freshman like Lukie Sam had come up to them and asked to buy 4? Would that poor freshman not be getting ripped off?

Thomas also told me, and I quote, “Nathan doesn’t even like Chance, he just is in it for the business opportunity.” Now I felt that this definitely wasn’t in the spirit of Chance. So Alden, Andy and I countered their deal, and we sent out an email, using Andy’s email, saying that we would sell the posters for $4.

Our plan was to buy 10 posters, 20 if we needed to, and sell them for the low price to anyone who wanted one, just so that we could make money back, get some of the posters off of our hands, and break even. We would keep any posters that we didn’t sell.

Now this is where Ed comes in.

Ed replied to Andy and said that it’s not appropriate to be soliciting sales of anything through the school email.

Andy replied saying that he meant no harm, and only did so in the footsteps of Nathan and Thomas.

Ed replied saying that he was unaware that they were selling the posters and would be diligent in talking to them as well.

I have no idea if Ed actually talked to them but I’m assuming he did as a tough, responsible tech leader.

After this point the whole debacle died down for the most part, but then Grady sent his own email saying he wanted to sell the posters for $3 and would buy a package of 10 if there was enough interest.

Grady told me he talked to Ed and basically had the same conversation, where there was no anger or punishment, just Ed saying that we shouldn’t be selling things using the school email.

All the use of the all school email prodded Ed to send out an email saying that we should use the all school email only for important emails, and that we can’t use it to sell anything.

And that’s about it as far as this story. I don’t know who is still receiving a poster, who ever asked for one, or how many posters I’m going to have to be honest, but I’ll take extra Chance posters because they’re nice.

Hopefully this article inspired you to listen to some Chance the Rapper because I personally think he’s a great artist and has raps that a lot of people can enjoy.

He’s not as rough and vulgar as other rappers so if that’s why you don’t listen to rap, give Chance a try, his music is all free, and definitely don’t ask Daniel L. his opinion on Chance because he might say he likes him, but he really hates Chance.