Update on the US Presidential Race

by Musa Tahir

Today, May 4th, 2016, John Kasich dropped out of the presidential campaign, leaving Donald Trump as the sole candidate and winner of the Republican Presidential primary.

For weeks, Donald Trump had been winning State after State. Ted Cruz stated yesterday that he dropped out because was mathematically eliminated from winning the race. He said to his watch party on Tuesday in Indiana, “We left it all on the field in Indiana. We gave it everything we’ve got but the voters chose another path. So with a heavy heart but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign.”

John Kasich has been performing even worse than Cruz, having only 153 delegates in comparison to Cruz’s 565 and Trump’s 1,053.

Last Wednesday, Ted Cruz named Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate. This clearly didn’t help him all too much, and it instead managed to instigate a number of jokes about Fiorina falling off the stage at a Cruz event.

Almost a year ago, the Donald announced his candidacy for President, and was the subject of a countless number of jokes and memes from many individuals, here and outside of the United States.

Back then, if someone was to say that he would the victor of the Republican Primary, many people would laugh. Most people thought that Jeb Bush would be the frontrunner, but Trump swiftly shut him down in the many Republican debates that have occurred over the past few months.

The joke of Donald Trump winning and being named the President of the United States of America has well … become less and less of a joke as the months have gone by.

According to CNN, “ The new CNN/ORC Poll, completed ahead of Trump’s victory last night, found Clinton leads 54% to 41%, a 13-point edge over the New York businessman, her largest lead since last July.” However, Trump has shown America that he can overcome massive odds and surprise all of the political pundits.

The Donald vs Hillary will surely be a close race, I just hope the more sensible one wins … You decide which one I am referring to.