Presidential Candidate Statement: Anna S.

by Anna Sipowicz

I’m Anna Sipowicz, and I am thrilled to be running for 2016-2017 Upper School Student Body President. An engaged member of our community, whether within Community Board, sports teams, choir, classrooms, or the Great Hall, I live and breathe OES.

In doing so, I understand OES isn’t perfect. Each community member brings different needs, desires, and perspectives which are all important to acknowledge and address.
Within each aspect of my life, I’ve developed the perseverance and personality necessary to represent the Upper School. Through commitments to exceed expectations in each activity–including leading warm-ups at tennis, serving Community Board, and being soprano section leader in choir–I have learned and effectively use necessary leadership skills of an ideal student body president: community outreach (students, faculty, parents), facilitation of meetings, problem solving, and perseverance.

Effective communication is perhaps the most important ability of a president: leading a student body requires approachability and ability to converse with each individual represented. I can effectively communicate with many people; I do so now and will continue to seek opportunities moving forward.

One subject worth addressing is my grade. I’m running as a Sophomore to be president for my Junior year–something unusual, if not unheard of. This, for me, is a strength. Not only is approachability key, but also accountability. I am here for two more years, to propose optimizations, finish projects, and see results. Lastly, with many changes in faculty and leadership positions, stability in our community is of paramount importance. I can be that stability.