Presidential Candidate Statement: Chandler W.

by Chandler Watson

The one thing I can promise is that this is going to be the least boring presidency you’ve ever seen. I’m Chandler Watson, and as with most things I do, I hope to redefine the task at hand – becoming Student Body President.

A prevailing wind of opinion states that the President is a worthless, vestigial office. I hope to counter that by proving to you I can be the most representative and effective advocate OES has ever seen. Most importantly, I want to structure my office so that student government won’t mean discussing high-level, unrequested or frivolous policies – it will mean bringing peace of mind and well-being to the stressed and hard-working student.

When elected, I plan to develop a web-enabled system allowing students to both pose problems in the OES community and their solutions. Clearly, StuCo is necessary to enact such policies, but I believe that the ideas should come from the OES public, not the board itself. As students who know what it means to face heartache, struggle, and 3AM paper writing, it is your right and privilege to have a say in the affairs of this school, be they anything from new Mystery Fridays to better parking solutions.

As a leader in this community, be it guiding the XC team, donating time to charitable causes, or representing OES internationally at ISEF, I believe it’s clear that I have both the technical and communital expertise required to lead our school into its next age of leadership.

Thank you.

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