Presidential Candidate Statement: Daniel E.

by Daniel Ewentu

Brothers and Sisters of my Greater Family,

For a while now I have murmured at the prospects of running, here now I officially submit my bid to be your president for the 2016/17 school year. The greatest issue facing our student council today is to the degree of which students feel it is ineffective. I see a rather straightforward solution to this. During my tenure on policy board a great majority of the projects we tackled came from within the board. Why not from you all, the student body? If we were to work on projects directly suggested by the students we serve, that would give visible meaning to our work. If given this opportunity, the flagship of my presidency will be the turnaround that student council will achieve in the eyes of the student body. Having served for three years on policy board, I have seen the current form since its conception, I’ve seen what’s effective and what’s not and I know that the culmination of my experiences so far at OES have equipped me to make meaningful and lasting change to the way we get things done.

Everyday after school, when I step back and reflect upon my day, the distinct character this school embodies holds me in awe and being chosen to be a leader to serve you all would be an honor.

Let’s get’em varks.

– Big D