Presidential Candidate Statement: Maya C.

by Maya Caulfield

Hello everybody! I am Maya Caulfield and I would be so excited to serve as your Student Body President next year. After being on Community Board for two years, I can genuinely say I have developed a love for Student Council and want to work to make each and every one of your experiences at OES the best possible. My wide range of experience with theater has also prepared me for the job. From performing in shows with audiences of over 700, to doing professional improv, you can count on me to think on my feet, be engaging in places like gathering, and to never be afraid to speak my mind when fighting for you. Further, I have loved being a trivia master, trying to bring more fun to gathering. I want this next year to be filled with unity and positivity. With my experience on Community Board, I will strive to build that positive community dynamic we need. I want to open the doors of the Student Council meeting rooms so everybody can actually know and contribute to what will impact the community that we are all apart of. I want our student government to finally be the voice of the student body. I know that the position of President does not currently fit well within our governmental structure. If elected, I promise to shape this position into the productive and student centered job that it needs to be. I cannot wait to talk to you more on Monday! 🙂