JV Boys Tennis’ Grand Finale

by Alex Finley

Now that the JV boys tennis team has completed their illustrious season, I thought I would write another update to catch everyone up on the highlights of the most fun and family-like team at OES.

As many of you know, boys JV tennis had their district match on Friday the 13th of May. Even though the event was open to all High School JV tennis programs from around the district, only Catlin showed up.

Apparently, the other schools were too afraid of defending doubles champions Paxton L. and Andy S. Of course, our team was also filled with some superstars, such as the demigod Musa T., who inspire fear in all the nearby JV tennis teams.

Due to the terrible loss of Bryan T. to varsity this year, I was short a doubles partner, so I teamed up with Mr. Julien P., who planned on trying to hit the ball as hard as possible and hope for it to land in bounds (this isn’t a joke, that’s his strategy… it sometimes worked).  

Much like the other top tier athletic teams at OES, boys JV tennis went to a team dinner at Skyline Burger to prepare mentally for the upcoming match. There, we were able to further cement the bonds we had been building throughout the season.

Sadly, our coach, Chris Leong, decided that his tennis camp was more important than our team and did not attend. Nonetheless, we left dinner prepared to stomp the competition the next morning.

We arrived the next morning and warmed up, eagerly waiting for the other schools to arrive. As I mentioned earlier, only Catlin showed, so we waited around for another half hour at Chris’s instruction for “the other schools to show up.”

Eventually we got right into the matches, and most of our team did well. Julien and I lost first round, but only so we could win the consolation bracket and sweep the tournament.

Paxton and Andy once more went undefeated and won the doubles tournament, while Musa T. took a hard loss in the singles final. Even so, we came out with a clear one point victory over Catlin, to make the OES boys JV tennis team the district champions.

Chris said some inspiring things that I can’t really remember about our season, followed by Paxton’s very memorable goodbye to all of us. I would be lying if I said there were no tears about our unofficial captain and moral leaders departure, and we ended the season with one final “Musa on three,” with Musa counting down.

All in all, I would say that our season was a success. Andy and Paxton are now two-time JV doubles district champs, and OES once more has triumphed over the only school that seems to ever come to our tournaments.

I hope many of you readers will join the boys JV tennis team, as it will desperately need new members next year, and I don’t want Chris to get lonely.

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