OKC’s Chances Against Golden State

by Musa Tahir

Yesterday, May 18th, Golden State beat the Thunder 118-91. Many of the pundits predicted that Golden State would be victorious in both of their home games, but Oklahoma City surprised them in game one, winning 108-102. The question remains whether OKC could pull off another win in game three.

These two teams play another game on Sunday in the Western Conference finals, in which the victor will represent the west in the NBA finals. Oklahoma has already taken one game from Golden State at home, and now the pressure rests on GSW to steal a game in Oklahoma City, which I believe that they can do.

Nonetheless, this will be a tight series and might be down to even the final possession. I believe that this series will go to a game six or seven, with the Golden State Warriors prevailing over the Thunder.  

If Golden State wins this series, the Cavaliers are definitely not winning the NBA championship.

The East has been absolutely horrible this year in comparison to the West, as the Cavaliers ranked first with a mere 57-25 win loss record, which would only put them at a close third in the western conference. In the regular season, Golden State has beaten the Cavaliers winning two of their two games against each other.

There is virtually a 100% chance that the Cavaliers will beat, no, destroy the Toronto Raptors (sorry to any Raptors fans) in the Eastern Conference finals. I predict that series will go to five games, a 4-1 win going to the Cavaliers.

In the end, the Warriors will probably end up winning the NBA Championship against Cleveland in a six game series, four games to two, just like last year. Even though the Cavaliers now have their other two star players besides LeBron, it has not proved to help them at least in the regular season against GSW.

Golden State deserves to win the championship again, after an extremely impressive season record, 73 wins and only 9 losses, winning almost 90% of all their games. If Stephen Curry continues his impressive run over the past two years, he will be able to surpass LeBron James and proclaim the title as the greatest player of this generation.

Many analysts are already calling him the greatest shooter of all time, so I wonder if he will ever be named also as the greatest overall basketball player of all time.