Sounds of the Cafeteria

by Daniel Park

If you have been listening carefully for about a month or two, you may have heard something special in the Dining hHall… Have you thought about it? Yes, it’s music.

How can it be? Why is there music playing? Fear not, curious men and women, I have the answer. I have emailed the one and only, Kelly C. and asked about the origin of this strange phenomenon. She replied with a hefty response,

In a nutshell……We had asked HS students to play music in the dining hall on Fridays at the beginning of the school year…. The music happened a few times but not consistently. In March, when 2 of the Bon Appetit team members became ill, our level of stress increased and my team felt a bit overwhelmed. The music was a nice distraction and a way to have some fun during the lunch hours. The students seem to enjoy it… so we’ve continued. And who doesn’t like a good song while dining?”

Some people, they may have not even realized the music playing. I have asked a few people and they were clueless. I think the music providing a healthy environment for our community is a great idea. For some people, the music is just useless sounds, and for others it provides calm and peace. I personally enjoy listening to the music, and that’s probably why I’m writing an article about it…

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