Hydrate or Die?

By Claire Collins

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the year when soccer season was in full swing and I was having a jolly good time on the JV team. During that time I discovered the severe importance of proper hydration and ingesting enough fluids. “Hydrate or die” is a phrase that perfectly reflects my feelings. It also has many variations that are all appropriate for different situations.

“Stay hydrated” is a little more formal than the original saying. I visualize it being said by a dad in the driver’s seat of a big Chevy Suburban after dropping his daughter off at her first day of high school.

However, “stay ‘drated” is extremely casual. Lopping off the “hy” somehow transforms the phrase into something an athlete would say before chugging a gallon of water and running 10 miles.

You can also be a part of the “Hydration Nation” which is just a fun little saying that brings all fans of ingesting a healthy amount of fluids together.

But back to the basics. “Hydrate or die” is obviously a very truthful statement. If you don’t drink any fluids, you will die. I used to take it farther than that, where if you drank enough water, you would become immortal. I thought that this made perfect sense. No water = death, all the water = endless life. I mean look at how happy this stock photo man is with his jug of water:


All of my hopes and dreams were later crushed in my Life in Community class. We are learning about fitness concepts, and I was having a great time, when, suddenly, tragedy struck. We were presented with the fact that “Water Intoxication” existed. Water intoxication occurs when you drink so much water that the electrolyte balance in your body changes. Death is possible from this ailment so my hopes of immortality are gone. I still believe in drinking a lot of water, but “Hydrate or die” can turn to “Hydrate AND die” if you don’t regulate yourself.