Mixed Doubles Tournament Recap

by Elie Doubleday

Most members of the varsity tennis teams met at SPARC at 3:30 yesterday for our tournament, and our coaches paired us up. I got lucky with Daniel B. ‘16 as my partner, as he’s both a good tennis player and a great guy.

We all warmed up, and discovered that besides those who went to state, most of us have forgotten how to play tennis, meaning we hit almost nothing in. The tournament was to be a round robin one, meaning everyone would play every other team once (there were 13 or so there), so for the sake of time, we played ten-point tiebreakers. We did not end up played everyone. There still wasn’t enough time.

Our first match was against Lucas S. ‘18 and Mia F. ‘18, and I was worried. Mia is a powerhouse who intimidated me a ton for the first half of the season, and I’ve played with Lucas a bunch outside of OES and have a tendency to hit the ceiling while trying to return his shots.

However, Dan and I won the first point and proceeded quite well, ending up 6-1 about half way through the match. And then we fell apart, winning only two more points and losing with a score of 8-10.

Almost instantly, Coleen placed us on court one against Jennifer L. ‘18 and Sahil V. ‘17. They both played incredibly well and I’m honestly impressed our final score was 6-10. I think it had something to do with Dan almost taking Jen out with one of his shots (he can hit some really killer shots!).

Our first two matches were inside, but the rest of ours were outside, which I found to be a bonus. The weather was great! It was cool, so we could work hard without getting grossly sweaty. Unfortunately, there was also a slight wind. I believe that playing outside changed our luck, and Dan and I won 10-5 against Sarah W. ‘16 and Tod T. ‘19. We then played Kendall D. ‘19 and Vikul G. ‘16, which was hysterical. Kendall and I shrieked almost every time the ball came our way. And Dan had some epic slams at Kendall, giving her a legit reason to scream. And thanks to Dan’s slams, we won 10-6.

Next was Nat S. ‘17 and Zoe C. ‘17, which was honestly pointless. Our only goal in this match was to not lose 0-10, which we achieved, losing instead 3-10 (which is still pretty bad). Towards the end of the match, Nat sat down in his service box and let Zoe play the whole court. And she still beat us. Honestly, I was so in awe of her getting every ball that I forgot I was supposed to hit them again.

Our last two matches were the most fun. We played Jake C. ‘17 and Vanessa L. ‘17 and it was basically a match of who can hit the ball the hardest (not me). Jake and Dan hit them so hard they’d hit the fence at the back without a bounce. Jake almost took me out. Dan almost took Vanessa out. It was ridiculous. After much effort, Dan and I won 10-7.

Finally, we played Abe A. ‘16 and Anna S. ‘18. At the start of the match, Anna was nowhere to be found so we decided to start without her. Abe served first and I was supposed to return, but Dan took the ball at the net because he could.

We had the most ridiculous rally with Abe lobbing Dan (because otherwise Dan would have taken him out). The middle of our match went pretty well for Dan and I, so Anna and Abe became ruthless. I probably should have expected it as Abe told me before our match that he and Anna have no qualms with cheating. And cheat they did. But, honestly, can you really blame them? It worked. We lost 8-10.