Prom in Quotes

by Jethro Swain

“From what I heard, it was one for the books,” said Rowan B.

“It was fun,” said community board rep Meg H. about prom.” I thought it [the EcoTrust building] was good, but the whole place was a little separated, the idea of the roof was cool but it was too separate from what was going on.”

“It was cool! I liked it, but the elevator was broken.” said Sophie S.

“I was sad they closed the outside area, I liked the roof but it was rainy and wet and my heels got stuck in the cracks,” said Annika L.

“The Ecotrust building was great, but I just gotta complain about the DJ a little, he was doing what he could but I kinda hated everything about it,” said Petie W.

“The DJ couldn’t mix his tables…properly,” said Leo P.

“I think there could’ve been a lot of things that could’ve gone better, I think the DJ played some questionable songs,” said Rachel H.

“The DJ hated fun,” said Andy S.

“Not the best,” said Zoe C.

“It wasn’t too rowdy, it was better than at EVARGLOW,” said Rachel W.

“It was definitely aggressive, I think it was too tight, definitely because there wasn’t enough room,” said Ronan W.

“The small dance floor made for a lit dance,” said Robbie H.

“I got a lot of elbows to the face, it didn’t really make the dance worse though, I just pushed back when people pushed me,” said freshman Lola D.

“Being tall I was able to see over the crowd and I wasn’t able to be crushed by people, I could move my arms up and down and enjoy the dance more,” said Daniel T.

“I thought that [Dylan’s song] was fun, people got into it, I think it’s good to support him.” said Meg H.

“It was fun,” said Ben K. about getting picked up and put on top of the crowd during the dancing.

“I’m featured in a lot of good pictures, including one of the most successful OES golf team in OES history who’s history started in 1869,” said Josh W.

“It sucked,” said Paxton L.