Another Look at the OES Presidential Candidates

by Alex Finley

Note: This is not an opinion piece — rather it is one more place for undecided voters to find some more information on the candidates before the voting tomorrow.

Also, since Cyrus has been getting a lot of flak in the statements and debates, I asked all of the candidates which of his personal successes they would like to continue in their presidency. I wish each candidate luck in the upcoming election.

Daniel Ewnetu

Daniel has put in a great effort to make himself as approachable as possible to all members and groups within the OES student body and feels that his openness is what makes him the ideal presidential candidate. He believes that his availability can “transform meaningful conversations into meaningful change.”

In terms of his presidency, should Daniel be elected, his first plan is to implement changes to create a student council that could “effectively solicit feedback and act upon it.” Daniel plans to do this not only through a simple online spreadsheet, but also through, as he stressed to me, consistent face to face interactions with the students here at OES.

The direct impact of Daniel’s presidency, through his prior mentioned changes to student council, would be an “enhancement of our current student council” that would allow the student body to feel served by their leadership that would, under the direction of Daniel, be enabled to “go above and beyond its current responsibilities.”

As he mentioned in the debate, Daniel strongly admires Cyrus’ speeches. Daniel compliments the moving speech Cyrus delivered at the start of this year, saying, “I hope to utilize my public speaking skills to inspire others, as I was inspired by the presidents of my time.

Maya Caulfield

Maya stresses her dedication to what she is passionate about through her success in professional theater, which she believes will most assuredly transfer to the Student Body Presidency. Additionally, she feels this experience means that “you can count on [her] to articulate ideas clearly, be professional, and have fun.”

Her primary plan for the Presidency is, as mentioned in her speeches, to implement her trimester goals system. She was able to elaborate more on what that system would actually look like, describing it as a form each trimester that all Upper School students would fill out with ideas or policies the wish to see worked on.

After a vote by the student body, the most popular plans would become the priority of the student council for that trimester. She feels that the impact of the trimester goals system would be very positive as “students would know that their voices are being heard.”

She is confident that this will help in the fight against apathy here at OES by enabling anyone with an idea to be heard, while also unifying the student body with common goals. Maya wants to continue the passion she saw Cyrus bring to the presidency, and hopes to “bring the most meaning yet to being a student at OES.

Anna Sipowicz

Anna believes her ideal presidential trait is her ability to collaborate with all groups in the Upper School. She cites her interactions with all groups of students in the Upper School, saying, “I have friends in all groups, and am happy to approach anyone.”

Anna also mentions her long thirteen year attendance at OES and her passion for the community. She also told me, “There is a lack of accountability for student body presidents on their promises. I would be accountable as I would be around as a junior and don’t get to leave after presidency. I would, ideally, be able to see my successes and follow through on things.”

One of Anna’s goals is to continue the revisions of the drug and alcohol policies at OES to be somewhere where students feel comfortable approaching the faculty if in need of help. Additionally, she wants to continue the improvement of board transparency to the student body.

Anna believes that she could have an impact on culture of the school as a positive, energetic, and enthusiastic leader and figure. Anna credits Cyrus for his excellent public speaking and his ability to approach serious topics with the necessary attitude.

She also mentioned that, as the year has gone on and he has gotten used to the demands of the job, “Cyrus has made a visible effort to be a larger part of the student community.”

Chandler Watson

Chandler aspires to “bring an element of reproducibility and rigor to the presidency that has never been seen before.”

He hopes that his extensive experience with statistical analysis and modeling will allow him to analyse and respond to the opinions of the student body with “unprecedented accuracy.” Chandler does tell me, however, “I’m a little more than a stiff calculator.”

He only wants to make the community he loves a better place. His first step to improvement is to sit down and make a work flow. Chandler wants every week of work within student council to be well planned out.

This would, he believes, minimize uncertainty between students and their representatives as it would collect the opinions of all students, with the inclusion of minority groups. “It would then be my job to express the students’ views to the boards,” he adds.

Chandler feels that, overall, his new system will aid the school in many ways.

Primarily, he feels that apathy, whether it exists as individuals not caring at all or students caring not being noticed, is a solvable problem with crowdsourcing. With the option to express their opinions, Chandler hopes his system will “help maximally represent the opinions of every OES student, no matter their position.”

When asked about Cyrus, Chandler complimented his coolness under fire and his handsomeness. He hopes to exemplify both characteristics while staying true to his vision of a stable, unifying presidency.

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