Lack of Transparency in OES Presidential Elections

by Jack Morningstar

Over the past few weeks I have found myself becoming increasingly conflicted.

There is a certain way that I would expect elections to be run — not just at OES, but in scenario. At first I expected that our Upper School candidates would address this particular issue upon their own volition, but unfortunately the integrity of our candidates has proven to be insufficient to be included in a civil democratic election.

My issue is the utter lack of transparency. Not one candidate has submitted their tax returns.

The tradition of submitting tax returns truly originated in 1978, when it was legally required for all United States presidential candidates to submit their tax returns. Today, most of them are more weary to do so, and something tells me that it’s not just because they are not legally obligated to so.

Two of the candidates have not submitted theirs, and I can only wonder what kind of shady business is going on behind the scenes that would cause them to be so frightened to share their records with the public.

I expected so much more from the Student Body presidential candidates this year. I expected them to rise up and bring the moral bar with them. I expected the Clintons and the Trumps of the world to be swimming in shame, after seeing the overwhelming integrity of our very own candidates.

But as it turns out, our candidates haven’t submitted theirs either! To say the least, I am disappointed.

And for those of you insolent boneheads who just don’t seem to care, just imagine what kind of sketchy and unrighteous behaviors that our candidates could be participating in.

Excessive vending machine purchases, dubious student account billing, offshore bank accounts, mob money, are just few among the many dark possibilities that could be hiding behind those big, smiling, crooked political faces that you see promising us bright futures as students.

I don’t see a bright future ahead of government audits, congressional hearings, and public ridicule. Take head to my warning, Daniel, Maya, Anna, and Chandler: This is a seriously dark path you headed down. I call upon all Student Body President candidates, for the sake of a secure democracy, to submit their tax returns.


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