Ten Things I’m Going to Miss About Being a Freshman

By Claire Collins

Wow. I cannot believe that this year is over. There were good times and bad times and so many memories made. I can’t wait to reminisce upon this transformative year, and all of the awkwardness I encountered.

I will DEFINITELY want to remember all of the good things about this year, so I decided to create a digital record of it. Without further ado, here are all of the things I will miss about freshman year:

  1. The Furbicles: These are a great place to sit after a long day of school or during gathering. They are so much cleaner than the floor, with their old carpet-like covering that has probably seen a bajillion different students. There is also a little mystery involved in their arrangement and whether they will actually be there.
  2. The Excuses: Being the youngest in the upper school means that when I want an excuse for being weird or something I can just say, “ I’m a freshman” instead of another reason.
  3. No College Pressure: Right now I’m not worried about college and I am not excited for the times I will have to.
  4. No Responsibility: I don’t have to be a role model for any younger class because they aren’t in this building. Next year there will be freshman that I have to be a good influence on, and it will be a lot of work.
  5. Not Having to Pick My Own Classes: I did not like forecasting this year because I fear the future and do not trust myself to make logical decisions. What if something goes horribly wrong in my Plan and I can’t graduate? I used to think that drinking enough water granted you immortality, I can’t make choices like these!!!
  6. New Things: Upper School was a new and exciting place that I could explore. Now that I have experienced all of it, I can look forward to doing it again, and better, but trying new things will always be fun.
  7. Umm…


I guess I’ll only miss six things from freshman year.

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