Why We Joined The Dig, And What We’re Most Proud Of

by Simon Mehari

The Dig is definitely not the easiest activity to be in. If you slack off Kara will be on your back — and no one ever wants that. That begs the question, why are the people in this room here? Why would they spend each week tirelessly writing articles?

For me, it’s a passion. Last year, if someone were to tell me that I would be a serious writer on the Dig I would have looked them in the eyes and laughed hysterically. But something this year changed.

I don’t know if it was Kara using her Dean powers to trick me into actually trying, but  I turned from writing garbage pieces to articles that I have been complimented for by various students and faculty. More importantly, they are articles that I’m actually proud of.

I have found that writing for the Dig has turned me into a better writer and made me really care about my work.

Enough about me — here is why people write for the Dig and why you should consider doing so too. I asked all the writers; Why do you write for the Dig? What article are you most proud of? Why?

My mentee and overall subpar writer Abe Asher: “I write for the Dig so I can hang around you.”

“Absolutely my Fred Claus article that I did when Community Board fell down on its face. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever witnessed. That article had an impact, with freshman Community Board members assaulting me at the NogFest. It was very powerful. Also, I made up quotes for that piece and it surprisingly worked, which is odd, because that trick usually doesn’t work.”

Isabella “HatesEveryoneInTheDig” Waldron: “I write for the Dig so I can sit next to Abe and bother him. Just kidding. That was a joke. I write for the Dig because I like stories. I like writing. And I like our community and also poking Abe in the eye. Don’t write that. No! Seriously don’t write it…”

“I am most proud of my upcoming piece on the graduation venue changing. To end, I would like to quote Ina Garten, ‘Fun is the most important. If you do stuff for money it never works out.’ Wait don’t add that. I don’t think people will realize it’s a joke.”

Elie “1stPlaceAtECHOES” Doubleday: “I joined because I got an email sophomore year (I think) that said they needed girl writers. So I figured I’d sign up. Also, generally speaking, I like to write.”

What article are you most proud of? “Who even knows. Maybe my Culture Shock one. I like all my articles because I’m an awesome writer.”

Calla “IMakeBakedGoods” Slayton: “It was my final trimester and I wanted to do something I’ve never done before. I like Abe and Isabella and Elie and I wanted to join to my friends. I think the Dig is really respectable and I wanted to be a part of that group.”

“I’m proud of my first piece about Dylan and Everett making music. Dylan was on my Winterim and I got to know him better and I found his music making to be really cool. I appreciated Grady’s shout out over email. I think it helped boost my entrance to the Dig. You don’t need to put that in there. No seriously don’t.”

Alex “ILoveBeingCalledShin” Williams: “Well I wanted to write and I kinda failed at it.”

“My first one about baseball”

Jethro “ILikeToWriteAboutTolf” Swain: What article are you most proud of? “All of them. I put care and thought, blood sweat and tears into everything I do because this is the greatest country in the world. Jk my tolf articles.”

Alex “INeverWriteForTheDig” Finley: Why do you write for the Dig? “I don’t really know. I kinda just showed up one day and now Kara won’t let me leave.”

What article are you most proud of? “Being that I have yet to commit myself entirely to any article I have written, I am not proud of any of the work I have done in this activity.”

Sahil “IOnlyWriteAboutBasketball” Veeramoney: “I live and breathe basketball. Because of this, I refuse to answer any questions that don’t revolve around the NBA.”

Graham “TheManWhoLacksDignity” O’Connor: “I’m in the Dig because I want to reach people, and you can’t reach someone who isn’t listening. The Dig is a great public platform for people to come forward and share their ideas and opinions.

“I’m pretty proud of my Nut Policy article. I know that it was a pretty rough process, but I think that the revised version is much better and was a really good learning experience in what makes good journalism.”

Daniel “IPlayLeagueOfLegendsProfessionally” Park: Daniel refused to comment. I assume he’s preoccupied with a game of League.

Peter “ILiveAndBreatheTheDig” Bloch: Peter didn’t answer why he’s in the Dig, but he thinks his best article is ‘Pro Tips for Finals.’ Personally I’m a little weary taking finals advice from Peter, so do so at your own risk.

Musa “IOnlyWriteAboutBasketballToo” Tahir: Even if I wanted to make up a quote for Musa I just couldn’t. There is no way I have the mental capacity to try to think like Musa.

Claire “TheOnlyNotSeriousArticleOnEvarglow” Collins: Claire also didn’t reply back to me. That boosted my ego, so, thanks.

Colin “YouCannotTellMeWhatToDo” Bock: Colin promised to answer my questions but never did. Am I upset? No. Disappointed? Yes.

Thomas “WayTooFullOfHimselfForAFreshman” Hochman: “I just pay Abe to write my articles, I haven’t written anything. What article am I most proud of? I dunno, you should probably ask Abe.”

Continue reading the Dig, and have a wonderful summer.

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