Cyrus Assesses His Student Body Presidency

Whether or not you agreed with his campaign, or question what he’s achieved throughout his year as president, there is no doubt that there has been negative — sometimes lighthearted, sometimes serious — rhetoric in regard to Cyrus J.’s work as Student Body President this year.

Some look back on the campaign and describe it as overly aggressive, feeling that with all the statements he made to attack StuCo while running, he just hasn’t followed through on enough of his promises. In light of this, I asked Cyrus to respond.

“A lot of people have tried to convince me that my Presidency has been a failure. The candidates were one thing; some of the jabs were lighthearted, and even those that weren’t I was able to laugh about.”

“The campaigns are all about trying to win, and I respected the candidates efforts to improve on the current system rather than promise a performing arts center. I hold absolutely nothing against them,” says Cyrus.

“The faculty members — albeit, very few of them — are another story. Look, I get that I proposed lots of changes and reforms to StuCo (Student Council) and then wasn’t as involved as I had hoped to be this year. Contrary to popular belief, those ideas did truly come from a place of passion for the school, not just in an attempt to get elected.”

“That being said,” he continues, “I feel as though some faculty members have been a bit ruder towards me than what is befitting of what should be professional positions. For a school that so stresses the idea that we need to understand power differentials, I’ve honestly been disappointed that that consciousness has not always been demonstrated.”

“In fact, just the other day, I found out that I will not be giving out the Student Body Award. Unbeknownst to me, that role was always done by the Student Body President.”

“Now, upon trying to understand why this was done, I was told by the faculty member that I was talking to that it was not their decision, and that me getting involved was impossible as ‘that ship had already sailed.’”

The Student Body Award will instead be given out by Student Council chairs Nathan C and Regina L.

“The other candidates have found leadership roles that fit them all well and I do think the role of president has fit me well. I set myself up for the criticism I received with the campaign I ran, but I’m glad I ran that campaign. It set a precedent of running meaningful campaigns.”

“By this, I mean that my campaign was about trying to bring attention to solutions for things that Student Council could do better. It was proposing ideas rather than explaining who I was, and I think I saw that a lot more this year than in previous years. That’s how presidential elections should be. It eliminates the popularity aspect of it, and allows for the best candidate to rise to the top.”

“If you look at many of the candidates this year and their positions, you’d see that they had real platforms and advocated for what they believed the role the president should have. Absurd promises and platforms based on nothing but ‘I do sports and like the school’ were markedly absent.”

“I don’t take credit for that change, but I do think that many of the speeches and debate answers had hints of the campaign I ran, only, somewhat ironically, much of the criticism was not targeted towards policy board, but at me.”

“A year later,” he said, “I still think I was the best candidate for the job.”