Finals Hopes, Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts

by Colin Bock

As many of you know, finals are coming up (unfortunately) but with it comes summer vacation (thank god).  However, I’m sure that we have all studied (hopefully) and thus everything should be fine.  

For me personally, I’m just scared to death about math and history.  While english and history share similar concepts for the final, I just don’t have a great outline yet for history, which, thankfully happens on Wednesday, the TRUE final.

While first semester finals week was actually not bad, I am absolutely dreading this series of finals as the stakes are even higher.  This is our last test and we must go out with a bang.  Every single bit of studying helps while stressing us all out more and more.

Furthermore, I wish everyone good fortune down the road and I hope that your finals go well.  Remember — study, study, study… This is a major key to success.