NBA Final Predictions

By Musa T. 

The NBA finals are finally here, and three games have already been played! Currently, Golden State is up 2-1 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. I expect GSW to win this series in 6-7 games.

In games 1-2, GSW in their home court beat Cleveland decisively, and the Cavaliers needed a win at home to avoid a possible sweep at home, which would be just be utterly embarrassing. In game 3 yesterday, June 8th, the Cavaliers played their hearts out and the Warriors well, played like “peaches and cream,” according to starting power forward of the Warriors, Draymond Green.

Cavaliers fans should not get too excited though, the Warriors are still up 2-1 with a game four that could go either way, which surely is not the best scenario for Cleveland. In fact, even if Cleveland somehow wins game 4, Warriors still have home court advantage. Oakland can pull off wins in Cleveland, but can Cleveland pull off any wins in Oakland?

Surprisingly, no Warriors player in game 4 even had 20 or more points! The reigning KIA NBA MVP, Stephen Curry, only had 19 points with 33% from the three six turnovers! Klay Thompson scored 10 points shooting a low percentage from the three as well, about 15%! In comparison to both of these incredible players high standards, they played horribly.

Curry said after the loss, “There’s a sense of urgency knowing how big Game 4 is and I need to be ready.” Last time the Warriors were in a high sense of urgency, they came back losing 1-3 to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

On the other hand, Kyrie Irving, the point guard of the Cavaliers, scored 30, and Lebron James scored 32. The other player in the star trio, Kevin Love, was injured and could not participate.

Many NBA fans actually believe that the Cavaliers can pull this off, which is pretty idiotic if you ask me. The Warriors have time and time again proved that they are the better team, both in the playoffs and the regular season. It does not matter whether Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love is injured because GSW beats them anyway. It is just as simple as that.

To all those people who think I am a bandwagon, just know that I am not very fond of the Warriors. After they beat Portland, my hometown team and favorite team in the NBA, then they go on beat my second favorite team in the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and ultimately ruin Kevin Durant’s chances of a ring this year. I do not like them, but that does not mean I won’t tell the truth when I have to.

So on the last day of school, Thursday, June 16th, look on the TV. You just might see the new basketball champions of the world, the Golden State Warriors.

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