Recruiting Female Writers!

by Claire Collins

IF YOU ARE A WOMAN AND YOU LIKE TO WRITE PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING THE DIG! Three of the four women currently writing for the Dig will be graduating this year, so the already low population of girls will get even lower. If you are on the fence of joining right now I will give you some extra reasons.

  1. You can become friends with people from all different grades.
  2. You will get to spend time with next year’s editors: Jethro Swain, Peter Bloch, and Thomas Hochman.
  3. Kara Tambellini has the best comebacks.
  4. You can write about pretty much anything you want.
  5. This is a great way to improve on you writing outside of an English or History class.
  6. Thought-provoking political discussions every activity!
  7. Room 80 has a beautiful view of about 4 different trees.
  8. The Aardvark Dig has over 120,000 hits.
  9. You can interview friends about topics that you are passionate about to secretly get their opinion on it for yourself.
  10. People saying that they liked your article is very rewarding.
  11. If you finish your article early, you have a free period.
  12. You can relax and listen to music while you write.

Finally, here is a little incentive from the Dig’s advisor, Kara Tambellini: “They get to hang out with me. They get to watch boys in their natural habitat.”