ShinDig Review

by Alex Finley

The general consensus that I saw at the ShinDig was, “It was pretty good.”

The yearbooks looked cool and the ice cream sundaes looked cool also. I enjoyed myself playing volleyball with future president Daniel E. who is quite the net player. Cyrus was able to carry our team from the back, but sadly the Presidential team failed due to Bryan T. joining us.

Before volleyball, however, I went around signing yearbooks and getting them signed. Thomas H. and Kara Tambellini, our future editor and current teacher advisor, insulted my startup newspaper idea, the Aardvark Shovel.

Daniel T. wrote some amusing things in my yearbook and I enjoyed some banter with him and Daniel E. We attempted a water balloon challenge, where after each catch we had to take a step back, until Daniel T. messed up, as expected, and lost the challenge.

That’s really all I did. People seemed happy about the whole event, and I guess it was a success. That being said, with actual funding, I think the ShinDig could have been quite the fiesta.

– This article does represent the position of the Aardvark Dig. Our position is that the ShinDig was the best thing since Lincoln was elected.