2016-17 Election Dates

from StuCo

Dear Students,

Student Council and Discipline Committee elections are coming — October 5th!!! The available seats are:
Freshmen: 1 Policy Board Rep, 2 Community Board Reps, 1 DC Rep
Seniors: 1 Policy Board Rep
All Students: 4 Mission Rep positions on Policy Board (more information below)
Here are a few more details:
Mark your calendars!!
September 23rdLunch Info Table in the Great Hall. Come ask questions and get candy!
September 29thDeadline for all candidate statements (that will all be posted on a haiku site)
September 30thCandidate forum lunch meeting mandatory for all Mission Rep candidates
October 3rd: Freshman and Senior Rep speeches during class meetings
October 5thElection Day! (absentee ballots must be requested by 9:00 a.m. on October 5 and returned by 2 p.m.)
More Details for Mission Rep Candidates:
  • Policy Board has open seats for 4 Mission Rep Positions: Civics, Identity, Service, and Arts & Lit.
  • To be a candidate, you have to have participated in an activity, club, or committee for at least one trimester under one of the categories
  • Policy Board will help you understand the community better from various perspectives (students, teachers, and administrative team), and provide various opportunities to communicate student voices. Anyone who understands the need of students and intends to serve the community better, especially student leaders, is highly encouraged to run for a Mission Rep position.
Mission Rep Candidate Rules:
  • Produce a written statement of 250 words or less, OR produce an oral statement (in the form of a video where you can record from your phone) of 2 minutes or less; candidate statements (written or oral) will be published in the online discussion forum. Send it to Deb Walsh by Thursday, 9/29/16 (9:00 PM)
  • Participate the lunch meeting forum on FridaySep 30th (this is a chance for voters to ask you questions)

For more information, please refer to Policy Board Update — Election Rules published on The Dig. 

Happy Election Season!

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