Homecoming: The Best Way to Start the School Year

By Isabelle Saba

Next week, Community Board is hosting the first big OES event of the school year: Homecoming, on Friday, September 30th with a dance on Saturday, October 1st.

Homecoming is a four-part event, with most of the events taking place on Friday. The start of Homecoming will be a themed Spirit Week that starts on Monday. There will be a pep-rally Friday morning with “usual competitions from all divisions, surprise activities, and everyone involved,” said Kendall D., CoBo Rep. Though most of the activities will take place during the pep rally, there will still be activities throughout the day.

Friday afternoon, Boys Varsity soccer will play (and hopefully destroy) Catlin Gabel on the turf field at 4:15 pm, followed by Girls Varsity against Catlin at 6:15 pm. To complement the games, CoBo has arranged a parade and food carts to enjoy. Be sure to RSVP for the complimentary meal from OES which includes either a barbecue sandwich or the vegetarian option with chips and a drink.

Unlike last year, the dance will take place on Saturday, October 1st starting at 8 pm in the Great Hall. This is because some students have SAT testing Saturday morning and though a dance would be a huge moral boost, it doesn’t really contribute well to the sleep or studying factor. There will be no DJ at the dance this year, “so students can play their music for our dance, so be sure to fill out the form for the music playlist!” said Kendall. This dance is projected to be extremely fun and a can’t-miss event. Homecoming will be a great start to a year of fun CoBo-planned events!

One thought on “Homecoming: The Best Way to Start the School Year

  1. Great article! I love the idea of students taking ownership of the dance by picking their own music (and saving the cost of a DJ!) . Did the boys varsity soccer team destroy their rivals?

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