On-Campus Service Opportunities

By Jonah Song

There are currently several exciting opportunities to earn on campus service hours. If you are in need of on campus service hours, then, currently, you can:

Host a Shadow

The time of year that students interested in enrolling in the OES Upper School is approaching. A great way to earn between four and five hours in one day is to host a shadow. This is a popular service opportunity among the student body population because when hosting a shadow, all that is required of you is; arriving early at school, going to the admissions office to meet your shadow, allowing them to follow and observe you during the school day, and answer their questions. If you are interested in hosting a shadow, contact Helen Mallette.

Help in the OES Store

If you are not aware, you can buy OES merchandise in the Morris house every school day from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. The school store can always use an extra pair hands. If you are occupied after school on most days, you can still help out and earn an hour or two because there is no obligation to volunteer again after you have already done so. If you are interested, contact Madeleine Menashe.

*Please Note:

OES website states that the OES store is located at Scott House. As stated, the OES store is located at Morris House.

Run Concession Stands at Athletic Events

At most OES athletic events, there is a concession stand selling refreshments to the spectators. Running the concession stand at an athletic is a very easy way to earn a few service hours. Also, if you are planning on attending one of the upcoming OES athletic events, consider working in the concession stand because you can still watch the game and earn a service hour or two. If you are interested in working in the concession stand, please contact Dennis Sullivan or Missy Smith.

Helping in a Lower School Classroom

Another great way to earn on campus service hours is to work in a lower school classroom. If you are looking to earn a service hours during your free blocks, you can volunteer in a lower school classroom and get several hours in just one week. If interested in this opportunity, contact Peter Buonincontro.

Volunteer in Middle School Spanish Classroom

Middle school Spanish teacher, Tessa Daniel, needs help preparing materials for her class. Consider doing this because it is a very easy way to earn a service hour. If interested, contact Tessa Daniel.

Opportunities to earn service hours are constantly changing. Make sure to check the OES website for updated opportunities.