Rhyme and Dine

By Isabelle Saba

Have you ever been bored during lunch? Do you want more than one dessert? Do you want to practice creative writing with no evaluation or mistakes? Are you wondering what to do with all your creative genius? Join Poetry Club Tuesdays during lunch!

You could possibly get some activity credit if you go to most meetings. Poetry Club is very relaxed and requires little to absolutely no out-of-school time. The leaders of the club this year are Henry T., Debby Schauffler, and me (Isabelle S.). We are planning on having the opening session next Tuesday, October 4th during lunch. Look for an email sent by one of us with more information on the upcoming convention.

We usually spend lunch eating (of course), “listening to music, reading other poems, or possibly going on a field trip outside around campus if E Block is before or after lunch to get ideas of what to write about” -Debby Schauffler, English Teacher and Faculty Leader of Poetry Club. There are other activities that the OES community hosts which we contribute towards: mostly Open Mic Night, NogFest, and Echoes. We also will have a bulletin board of poems outside of Room 82 above the Great Hall. You are not required to share your work outside of the meeting, but it is encouraged.

The origins of the club came from the infamous Culture Shock, when Debby Schauffler ran a workshop on writing poems about racial and gender equality. Just after Culture Shock, two –now graduated– students asked Debby if they could run a lunch meeting to allow more time to write creatively with no stress in the typical busy life of a High Schooler. “Students always say they want to do more poetry; this is your chance” -Debby Schauffler.

If you are on the fence about joining Poetry Club, try it! You have nothing to lose, but 30 minutes in between classes, and lots to gain like extra dessert, a few ounces, and creative expression.