Going Greek

By Charlie Norgaard

My brother, Adam, graduated from OES in June and moved up to Seattle to begin his four years of college at the University of Washington. Eager to start fresh and begin a new era of academics, he immediately seized the opportunity to leave Oregon ahead of the usual schedule, to begin early fall start at UW.

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The Future of the OES Campus: Introduction

By Ben Clark and Jonah Song

With the  major changes to the OES campus that occurred last year that will continue throughout this year, the Dig would like to familiarize the upper school with the changes on our campus. In the coming weeks, members of the Aardvark Dig will profile some of these major changes, in a series we are calling “The Future of the OES Campus”. Stay tuned for more.

Fallout from the Recent Sexual Harassment Presentation

by Sahil Veeramoney

In addition to the upcoming article on the harassment policy itself, the Dig wanted to address some of the controversy about the actual presentation. That said, in no way, shape, or form, will this article attempt to generalize the sentiments of the US student body and faculty as we are fully aware each individual is entitled to his or her opinion and feels differently about the presentation.

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