Candidate Statements for StuCo

Find out about your current candidates running for StuCo by reading these statements.

Bisrat Berhe: Service Mission Representative Candidate Statement

Hello! My name is Bisrat Berhe, I am a senior and I am running for the Service Mission position.

I have always been involved in service related activities at OES and with outside organizations. Ever since my freshman year, I have been a part of the Mid-Winter Madness committee, a fundraising activity that puts on different events in the upper school to raise money for a cause. During my time at MWM I have learned about the many ways that service can be done. Service can come in many ways whether it be giving your time, money, energy or even knowledge to someone that needs it. Just this past summer I spent a majority of my time volunteering at a summer camp where I taught kids ages 5-11 how to make art and cook. I love the connections and sense of community that comes with service. For three years OES has taught me to give back and use my power for good, now in my fourth year, I will give back to the community that has given me so much. If elected, I will take all the skills I have had the time to develop and ensure you feel the change I bring to policy board.

Jennifer Lee: Service Mission Representative Candidate Statement

My name is Jennifer Lee and I would love to be your 2016-17 Service Representative. As an active member of SLAC and having participated in two sessions of AASK, I feel qualified to do this position justice. I also have past experience serving on policy board as the 2018 grade representative last year. This year, I have chosen to focus my energy on service, because I would love the opportunity to encourage and enable fellow service members of the community to do their best and personally collaborate and work better when there is a concrete goal shared within the group. Even though I have only participated in two of the six activities, I find the other four intriguing. In the ideal world, I would have joined all of them. I find being the representative is the best alternative because I can learn about and be a part of them, indirectly. If elected as the new mission rep, I plan to actively stay connected with the members of these service groups and cater to their every need. I refuse to ever let the relationship between the groups and me be top-down and am eager to make myself readily available to the students as a liaison to policy board. Just being considered for the position, I feel honored to maybe/almost serve such an influential part of the student body. Thanks!

Max O’Hare: Civics Mission Representative Candidate Statement

Hi, my name is Max O’Hare, and I am running for the civics mission rep position on policy board. I am a sophomore, and have a great interest in the workings of policy board. In my last year at OES I participated in two of the activities underneath the civics category. I also participated in mock trial which was a great experience for me and my education. My main reason for running for policy board is to have the student body be more knowledgeable about the activities under the civics category. Junior states of america is an activity that is very fun and engaging. However, it has become apparent to me that not many people know about this activity and how it functions. This is also true for a few other activities under the civics category. What I aim to do is to make sure that all the activities that I will represent get ample funds to achieve what their goals are for learning and expanding the activity to new heights. I also wish to meet with the respective student leaders of the activities under my representation. Hearing what the leaders and other members of the activity have to say will truly allow me to be a great representative on policy board. You should vote for me on policy board because I promise to aid in making the activities under the civics category better in some way. All of the changes can take many forms and that is truly up to what the activity and its leaders want. Whether it is getting an activity more funds so it can allow for more growth and learning, or helping more people learn about these activities, I believe that with your help I can be an effective voice for civics activities. Thank you, and vote Max O’Hare for civics rep.

Jack Morningstar: Civics Mission Representative Candidate Statement


Maggie Su: Arts & Lit Mission Representative Candidate Statement

Hi all, my name is Maggie Su, a current junior in the OES community and I wish to represent the Art & Lit department on Policy Board for this school year. I have been in charged of art and literature work for my class for over six years when I was in China, and I am passionate to contribute for this community I have spent one year with. For me, art and literature in some ways are more important than regular academic parts, because they need more creativities and sparks, which sometimes are more difficult for students to exploit. In the past year, I was well exposed to different arts and literatures by joining art classes, the stagecraft activity, mosaic environmental art winterim activity, poetry writings and so on. As a representative, it is necessary to know how arts and literatures help students enrich their school life throughout different activities, and I have the confidence to be a “hub” to connect all these Art & Lit activities. At last, thanks for reading my candidate statement, and I will offer a wonderful, creative school year if you vote for me!

Nahida Moradi: Identity Mission Representative Candidate Statement

Having experienced living in a different country, culture, and background, as well as being a part of the Intercultural Student Association activity for two trimesters, I feel like I can be the voice for the Identity Groups. In addition to my work with ISA and my passion for cultural diversity, I will be attending the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in December of this year. In the past, I have attended other diversity conferences and lunch groups, such as Gender Lens, Girl Up and Youth Ending Slavery, at OES. I have spoken at the United Nations as an advocate for gender equality not only at OES or in Portland, but around the world. Having this multitude of experiences, I am well fitted for this position. I have loved attending the identity related workshops during Culture Shock and during other conferences. I am comfortable talking about the issues that others struggle with. I am easily approachable and easily accessible because I live in the dorms. I see the position of an Identity Group Representative as a way to better connect and serve with the OES community at large. I hope that the student body gives me an opportunity to be their voice and to show my dedication to their cause!

Andrew Carpenter: Identity Mission Representative Candidate Statement

With the current racial conflicts of the Black Lives Matter movement, the press for racial justice and reform, and the legalization of gay marriage happening just over a year ago, the concept of identity is an increasingly important topic. I am running for identity mission rep position because I want to contribute to the OES community in a positive and progressive way. I will continue to make OES a comfortable and accepting atmosphere and expanding our identity groups until everyone feels comfortable attending one of these activities. My goal is to discuss policies that leave students to be free and enjoy school but while still making sure that everyone, students and teachers alike, feels comfortable, accepted, and represented in the OES community. After attending Diversity Day at Catlin Gabel and participating in the exploring whiteness activity, I have learned so much; not only about my personal identity but also the concept of identity as a whole, and how many different influences can help establish a unique identity. I also have many useful strengths for this position that will help to contribute to the school community as a whole. I am a very good problem solver, I problem solve in the AASK classroom, out on the lacrosse field and basketball court, and everyday attending this school. I am willing to compromise, and I am very aware of my identity and place in this community. These skills make for a flexible yet motivated and purposeful member of our community that I strive to be.