Freshmen Impressions

by Charlie Norgaard

Freshman year, the epitome of social and academic transition.

Whether it be in high school or college, freshman year is one of the most unforgettable periods in someone’s life — not for the particularly fond memories, but for the transition to something bigger and better.

Thinking back to my Freshmen year, I discovered a new experience of freedom and exploration in school. The lack of excessive teacher supervision and the ability to choose my own classes was astonishing to me, and comforted me as I looked on towards my future as a high schooler.

Given my unique and eye opening experience last year, I had to know the thoughts on Freshman Year from the class of 2020, as they comment on their first four weeks of school.

“Middle School teachers are way more accommodating and sympathetic in regards to grading,” says freshmen Sophie C., “so heading into Upper School has been a refreshing yet challenging change.”

Coming from the Middle School, most students are coddled by their teachers and upperclassmen without even realizing it. Most newbies don’t realize that in Upper School, nothing is spoon fed. A good grade is nothing to take for granted, and every minute you have to work on homework is seized in an instant. 

Alexa T. agrees that “not getting good grades” has definitely become one of her greatest fears in upper school, which still remains a fear for many fellow freshmen.

Though a large part of high school is centered around academic performance, several students from the class of 2020 also noted that interacting with upperclassmen and becoming a part of the social setting is an exciting experience as well.

“The Upper School is a much more social and open environment, I feel like I can comfortably interact and connect with upperclassmen,” says John F. “It feels a little more like it’s one big group of people,” adds Sophie C. “I never talked to younger or older grades that much in middle school, and it’s especially nice to have different people in classes”.

Above all, the highest preached theme of upper school is the freedom. Lincoln D. says, “The freedom entrusted to you is one of the largest and best changes from the Middle School”.

I completely agree. Though one may be burdened with colossal projects or mind crippling tests, no one denies the huge difference in freedom that is offered to us as we move on from Middle School, taking the next big step in our lives. 

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