Catlin-OES Volleyball Tournament

By Jethro Swain

Volleyball season is in mid-swing, but personally, even as one of the biggest volleyball supporters in the Upper School, there’s a different volleyball tournament that I’m looking forward to.



Every November since my freshman year, OES has held the annual “OES and Catlin volleyball tournament” where, in the gym, Catlin students and OES students create their own co-ed teams and compete against each other, with one team taking home the gold.

I remember back in 2014, a team comprised of me, Evan H., Shiva B., Emma F., Zoe C., Catherine L., Grady M. and 2016 graduate Hailey Harms, dressed in all black made a tremendous run, winning one game against a group of Catlin seniors. Pictured below is the team, moments before our first win.


My jump serve would’ve placed me on the olympic team, but alas I was only 5’ 4”, and still don’t know how to properly hit a volleyball without using my fingertips. We thought we would make a title run, but we were stopped short by a heated Connor “Corn” Macmillan and Class of 2014 co. comprised of Brooks, Michael Brock, Michael Spencer, and other much taller senior athletes who had the crowd on their side.

My sophomore year, a sophomore and junior guy team lead by Emerson L. went on to win the whole tournament, beating the Catlin women’s varsity team along their way, who claimed they weren’t trying, but we all know that Catlin is a school full of chokes.

“We put in work, the odds were stacked against us because Jon (Dugoni) and James (Langley) weren’t supposed to play because they had soccer, but they played anyways, and we won,” exclaimed Emerson L. as he threw his arms up into the air and high fived Nat S.

After a lower attendance record at last year’s tournament, the people are wondering, is the tournament coming back? “We want it, we want it bad” says Luke S. who missed out on the tournament last year.

Luke sums it up well. The people want the tournament, and they want it bad.

I know personally I want to spike some balls at Catlin players faces, in spite of our painful homecoming soccer losses, and mess up their bleached hair. It’s my senior year and I’m looking for a win, and most importantly, a Catlin loss.

“As a former Catlin student I wanna beat down some stupid Eagles and represent my green and white,” said Sophomore Abe H. It’s clear the people want the tournament, but will it come this year?

“We have some things in the works, but whether or not it will happen, it’s in your hands,” said Community Board junior rep. Lucas S. “If the people want it, it will happen, but regardless, there’s a long road ahead of us.”

Lucas’ quote makes little sense. The tournament is a mystery at this point, something that everyone wants, but no one is sure if it will ever come again, like chicken strips at lunch or good dorm facilities.

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