The Future of the OES Campus: Farewell Scott House

By Isabelle Saba

Whether you’ve helped 4th graders through Lower School Math Help or you were the 4th grade student, you’ve probably been lucky enough to go inside the Scott House.

It is one of the few things that has been at OES longer than our beloved art teacher, Sue Jensen. The Scott House is actually older than OES itself! Over its 40 year life, Scott House has been used for (but not limited to):

“Apartments, Faculty offices, Boys’ Dorms [see below picture what was possibly the commons], LS library, US classrooms, MS classrooms, US/MS band and choir classrooms, LS Spanish, science, and music classrooms, LS 4th & 5th grade classrooms, Admissions office, LS office, Storage, and LS Extended Care” Jon von Behren told me.

Now, the space is being used for “…the Middle School student play…” even though “the spaces are small and inflexible and haven’t served the programs’ needs particularly well—but the space was better than nothing!” -Jon von Behren. The administrative team realizes that there are “…no current critical needs for the building, particularly with the availability of Fariss Hall (the old Lower School building), and know that Scott House can’t be configured for the future uses contemplated for the site (the 2012 Campus Master Plan proposes an Arts & Design building here)” said Jon. The demolition itself will be done over a few weeks and has started from the inside of the Scott House (see below pictures). The administrative team is “determined that the work doesn’t interfere with our very busy beginning and end of the day traffic” said Jon. The school is very concerned about the safety of the students and employees, so like the Lower School demolition, entry will not be allowed, but spectating is allowed. The Scott House has been a well used part of the OES community, but it must be demolished in the process to create a more productive OES learning environment.