Scott House: Haunted?

By Isabelle Saba

The recently deceased Scott House has had an expansive history of being a happy Lower School friendly building. But, believe it or not, there is much reason to believe it is quite the opposite.

As part of my last article, I went into the Scott House to take pictures [see below] and see what it was like abandoned. All of the utilities (such as lights and heating) were shut down, after walking maybe two steps, the cold had seemed to give me a hug that sliced straight through me. So, I had to run outside to find a jacket and someone to go with me to act as my light source.

The first person I could find was Susan X. who was literally watching paint dry in Stagecraft. I had to bribe her with a foolproof OES incentive: candy from the vending machine. Even with a flashlight and jacket Susan still noted how it “was dark, cold, and creepy as all heck.” While we were in the Scott House, she kept screaming at me to hurry up. There was a feeling that someone was there, “It was just creepy: shattered pieces of glass everywhere, doors off hinges, no one was there, and nothing was in the vicinity, but trash. Even though something didn’t happen there I was still scared. The way the kids wrote on the walls ‘someone was here’ really freaked me out. I think it was mostly mental thought though,” said Susan X.

Of course, the infamous Peter Bounincontro had many comments on the Scott House, none that made Susan or me feel better about what we experienced. But nevertheless comments about “a terrifying story… suffice to say that my kids and I wouldn’t ever go into the Scott House after hours. Laura Foster-Flynn has a terrifying story that made her get up and leave the Scott House in the middle of the night… and she’s not the type of person to lie. It scared the *insert cute baby Jo noise here* outta me. It’ll scare the hat right off your head,” says Peter Bounincontro.

Laura Foster-Flynn is a Lower School art teacher who used to work in the basement of the Scott House. A place already grim on its’ own, but at night: exponentially worse. On this specific night, presumably with no custodians, Laura Foster-Flynn “wasn’t sure if the Scott House was scary yet, but heard it was.” She went on to tell me, “everything was locked. I heard a door unlock, open, and then slowly close. No answer, I had goosebumps everywhere. I immediately stepped out and saw no one in the hall. I grabbed all my stuff and left, but there was no one in the cold, dark either. After that I never worked at night again.”

For a door to open, there were specific requirements they had to have: a key to unlock the door, to have been in the Scott House past when the custodians finish, and to have been physically present, ie not a ghost, etc. The wind/change in pressure would be a likely culprit, but since all of the doors were locked someone would need to have physically unlocked and opened a door for Laura to hear a door open and then creak to a close. Sadly, we will never know if the Scott House was haunted, but after having lived on campus since the ‘60s and considering the numerous pieces of evidence; it is hard to be on the opposing side of this argument.




2 thoughts on “Scott House: Haunted?

  1. Extremely engaging article! I fell for all of your hooks and laughed out loud at “literally watching paint dry”. What do you think haunts the Scott House? Would you be brace enough to enter after hours? I sure wouldn’t be!

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