A Crazy Coincidence

by Colin Bock

So, yesterday I had the opportunity to catch up with quite the character— his name is Sylvan and he’s currently an 8th grader at Riverdale.

 After talking to him for a little while, I realized that fellow Dig Writer Jonah S.’s shadow was the very same kid who I accidentally stabbed in the neck during fencing practice five years ago.

Of course, having occurred so long ago, Sylvan doesn’t remember the exact details, but he told me that the fencing coach who was around when I cut his neck now teaches at his school. I found this quite hilarious — it’s always fun to look back at all those “good times”.

This was all especially ridiculous given the fact that I was somewhat scared and embarrassed to see him after this accident five years later — keep in mind that when I punctured his neck, I was horrified.  I legitimately quit fencing for 3 years because of this.

But Sylvan was a good guy and wasn’t even mad.  He realized that what had happened was an accident, and we are now on good terms, not to say that we ever weren’t, really.  

Call it fate, call it coincidence, I just find it hysterical that I chanced upon the kid whose neck I punctured so long ago.

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