The Future of OES Campus: The Scott House Site

By Jonah Song

With the deconstruction of Scott House, many people are wondering: What are the plans for the site of Scott House?

Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview John von Behren about the future of the OES campus. He informed me about a master plan that was drafted in 2012 that determined the school’s main needs and prioritized them. One of the four aspects of the plan is to construct an arts and design building.

This building’s job will be to accommodate the artistic needs of OES. There are intentions to have a performing auditorium in this future building to provide a space for school productions to be performed, rather than the current situation; temporarily transforming the great hall into a theater. This auditorium could also serve as a music performance space, allowing for the school musical groups an alternative performing space than the gymnasium.

Unfortunately, it is nearly certain that none of the current upper school students will still be attending Oregon Episcopal School when the construction of the arts and design building is completed. The arts and design building is a plan for 10, 15 or even 20 years into the future. So, for the time being, the site of the deconstructed Scott House will serve as an outdoor open area for the middle school students. That is the reasoning behind mulch being placed on the ground at the former site of the Scott House.

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