OES’ 2012 Master Plan

By Jonah Song

In 2012, the needs of the OES campus were established and prioritized.

The Slam Collaborative Architecture Firm consulted the school throughout this process. This firm evaluated all of the OES facilities and compared them to the facilities of their previous clients through their database. Afterwards, Slam Collaborative met with a plan committee, as well as some parents and students. Using the evaluation of the OES facilities, Slam Collaborative drafted several plans for the future of the school. Then, the committee selected the plan which they thought best accommodated the needs of the school while cooperating with the budget.

This plan consisted of four main changes to the OES campus: construction of a new lower school building, replacement of the boarding facilities, renovation of gymnasium and athletic facilities, and the construction of an arts and design building. Also, with the construction of the new lower school building, there has to be a deconstruction of the old lower school building. After the old lower school has been deconstructed, the space between the chapel and lower school will become several tiers of broad open space.

This plan is a general outline of what the future of the OES campus will look like. Unfortunately, the next 3 elements of this plan will most likely not be installed anytime soon. This plan will be completed probably 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years into the future. Every year, this 2012 master plan is revised and re budgeted. For the time being, the school is planning on sticking fairly close to the plan.