Stuck Again

by Isabelle Saba

Middle school. You can’t act like it didn’t happen. It’s there. Literally less than 100 steps away from our prized Great Hall. Ask any graduated middle schooler and they’ll tell you it is a time of immense awkwardness.

Classes that OES offers like Health and Wellness, however, make the middle school experience easier.

The latest development of Sarah Grenert-Funk’s Health and Wellness class has been an OES take on a very popular trend. The 7th grade girl’s of Sarah’s class have left sticky notes in the girl’s bathroom for positive notes to be posted on the mirror. Sarah had asked her students what issues needed to be addressed at OES and one of the groups chose body image. That group sent out a survey to the whole grade asking if people felt judged on their body image and a majority of the grade agreed.

Sarah sees the post-it notes as an affirmation to spread positive messages and feel hopeful in this time of uneasiness. This started before the election and now on Wednesday, the 16th, I went down to the middle school to look at what has taken place. There I talked with Cindy McEnroe, the Director of Counseling & Academic Support Team. “Middle school is such a time of self doubt which peaks when you’re 12 or 13, so that when you look in the mirror you only see something bad when there so many good things,” Cindy explains.

It was crazy to see that at least twenty sticky notes had been posted on the mirror on the first day. The second day, the population of sticky notes doubled and it was hard to see yourself through the mass of blue, green, pink, and orange. I couldn’t help but smile at all of the positive work our middle school students put forward.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 1.30.12 PM.png

Sadly all of the sticky notes have now been cleaned out, but Becca P., an OES eighth grader, hopes that they will do it again saying that it was “so cool to see and read the notes when you are washing your hands.” I am almost certain with the level of affirmative feedback that this project will likely come back in more ways than one. Perhaps the project can be brought to the upper school or in a larger scale to spread the more happiness and general good-feeling in the stress of school.

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