My Tips For Finals

By Colin Bock

As you all know, we’re coming up on finals week.

As a tiny freshman, I legitimately feared for my life in regards to my Honors Algebra 2 final, and I’m not gonna lie, it was incredibly difficult.  Overall, though, I would just remind new-to-finals freshmen that studying every page of your notes 7 billion times is pointless — just prepare accordingly.  When studying, remind yourself of what you need practice with rather than what you feel most confident with, because reviewing known material will be a waste of your increasingly precious time. 

In terms of the studying process, I’d just recommend finding a quiet place to do your work. Furthermore, taking breaks is also a necessity, as the longer you spend studying, the less effective your studying becomes.  

For me, contrary to last year, I possess confidence in Precalculus, so I will save that studying for later, allowing me to formulate my study schedule accordingly.

As I’ve come to learn, the more planning gets done sooner, the more I get to relax later.  

That’s all I’ve got for now. God help us.

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