A Cry for Help

By Isabelle Saba

Welcome to Winter Trimester! Please help.

Dear Dig Readers,

It’s Isabelle Saba. It’s day one of Winter Activity and I need your help. What’s my dilemma? I am in the vast minority of girls in the Dig activity. It’s quite ironical, since in my English 10 class there is one boy and 14 girls. After 5 minutes of loud teenage boys on our first day, I had to escape. I fled to the Great Hall where I explained the issue to a few of my friends, who commented:

“More girls should join, we need more opinions” -Rhea M. ‘19

“We need more female writers in the world to flourish the writing community. We must strive as women to create a society of equality. We need more Lois Lane’s in the world.” -Samantha W. ‘19

“Well that sucks. Obviously there needs to be more representation since Calla, Elie, and Isabella left. I think it’s hard to find people who want to. I don’t know why more boys do it. It’s a fun activity though.” -Claire C. ‘19

“Dang. So that’s not good. I don’t like it. I think when it comes to journalism it depends on what you write about, but female representation is really important. I would love to see more female writers because you get different voices and interesting opinions when you hear from people you don’t expect. Get more female writers. Elise and I are working on something for the Dig which is applicable to being a girl and will come out shortly.” -Aley B. ‘17

When I returned to the chaos of room 82. Graham O. had drawn a mediocre beard on his face, donned an Ellen Degeneres sort of wig, and was making beef ramen (seriously why beef?! Chicken is SO much better!) in a teacup while “brainstorming” ideas. And if you think I’m kidding 1) Do you not know Graham?? 2) See the picture below. I had to bear the last ten minutes of activity, but luckily Kara Tambellini, one of the helpful Deans of Students, required Dig Teacher Sponsor, and wonderful English teacher, was there to help me through it. Kara is probably best known for her witty comebacks to the reckless boys of the Dig. My all time favorite comeback was from one of the first Dig activity meetings I was a part of, Kara said in a monotone voice “Colin B.! I will cut your feet off,” after Colin had the AUDACITY of having his feet on the table! Kara’s response to the travesty of the dwindling female journalist population is:  “I think it’s wretched. I don’t know why girls don’t like me. We need female representation and voice. Please come find me in the great hall and tell me what we can do to recruit and retain female writers.” -Kara Tambellini.


So, ladies, it’s in your hands to help me, Isabelle R. and Kara keep the Dig in controlled chaos, with a woman’s touch.