2017 One Acts Preview

By Isabelle Saba

The excitement is tangible as we finally found out what one acts are getting produced this Spring!!!

The three one acts are written by our very own Maya C. ‘16, Elise K. ‘16, and Lianna S. ‘16. The variety of genres is apparent is as follows: Dystopia, Realistic, and  Futuristic, respectively. The three pieces originate from Art Ward’s senior elective: playwriting. Though only three one-acts will be performed in the Spring by a cast and StageCraft, the rest are able to be submitted and used at the author’s leisure. For example, Chandler W. won an award for a scene he wrote for the class called “Pulling Threads.”

The class of 12 seniors performed scenes they wrote in an extended gathering. Clementine D. enjoyed “the fact that I was able to show the entire upper school a little bit of my playwriting work, but also that I was able to get out of my comfort zone.” When speaking to Peter Bounincontro, he expressed a possibility of “expanding the program to include more than three one-acts performed.”

Maya’s One-Act can be categorized under the dystopian genre. The play is “…set in a world that is gender divided. The play opens when a man and women meet for the first time. As the play unfolds the stories they were each told begin to unravel.” Though the reality of the play is different than the realities of 2017, Maya still wanted to convey that “…the inequalities we feel today are still trickling through. It was a piece meant to highlight that the only way our society can get better is if we start to work together.”

Maya is very excited to be a director of her own work as “Not many high school seniors are given the chance to try their hand at directing an original work! I really hope my play gets people to start thinking about what little things they could do in their own lives to make the world a little bit more kind!”

Maya’s main goal as a director is finding “ways to tell more of the story that is not explicit in the language. I want to stage a piece that is engaging for the audience, and fun for the actors to be apart of!” Maya’s overall enthusiasm and positive attitude will definitely transform her one-act from paper to a visual, thought-provoking piece.

Elise’s One-Act is of the realistic genre; it is set in modern times and is called “Gray” because “nothing is ever black and white with family” -Elise K. ‘16. Her story is about “…three sisters who grew up in foster care. When they were in their early 20s the middle sister gets estranged from the oldest and the youngest, she falls into addict while her two sisters live her lives. Later in life, the youngest sister gets engaged and wants the middle sister in the wedding.”

The recurring theme of the play is the sisters “trying to break through their traditional roles in their family to be at peace.” Elise wants her one-act “to be real, nothing crazy” and to have the audience want to “…call their siblings and talk to them… to facilitate that connection so [the one act] is relatable.”

Elise has been involved in OES theatre since the Summer Play of her freshman year. She has wanted to direct something since Spencer Slovak’s One Act in her freshman freshman year, “it blew my mind” -Elise K. ‘16. Having two of my own older sisters, I look forward to see how Elise’s characters develop the sisterly bond so common in my life.

Last, but by far not least is Lianna’s One-Act which is of the futuristic genre. The only information I could learn about the plot is that there is “an app that can predict the future” -Lianna S. ‘16 and the main character, who is a guy, is somehow attached to the app, possibly working for the company that made the app.

Lianna got interested in the one acts since her “brother was always involved in the one acts, was in the one acts every year.” She has always “…liked creative writing and wanted to take a strictly creative writing class…I wanted to go behind the curtain.” Lianna admits that she did get “nervous after they announced which one acts will be produced,” because it is a “different type of power than being a volleyball captain.

Being a Volleyball/Mock Trial Leader is more of being a role model versus directing is telling someone what to do”  -Lianna S. ‘16. Her biggest fear is that no one will audition. But that is easily fixed! All you have to do is audition; the one acts are a great way “tip your toes in the pool of OES theatre”  -Elise K. ‘16.

Overall, the One Acts are a must see Spring event as always. If you are at all interested in acting, audition!!!! Special thanks to Elise K. for helping me get all of these interviews.