The Midwinter Madness Begins

By Peter Bloch

Now that the kickoff assembly has finished, the Midwinter Madness is upon us.

For those new to Midwinter Madness, it is an all-school fundraiser with many different kinds of activities in order to promote friendly competition between grades. This year, all proceeds from the events will go towards The Seed School, an early education school in Liberia.

Izzes and Gorilla Grams are now available for purchase by both students and faculty. To purchase Izzes or either a Gorilla Gram or Bunny Hug, visit the Midwinter Madness table in the Great Hall. An Izze can be purchased for $2, but if you wish to send your drink and message anonymously, you can pay $3.

The next big event happens at Semi, where there will be a Casino for those who are tired from dancing. This year, Casino Night has been amped up and better prepared so that it can be more fun for the student body. For those who wish to find a comprehensive list of currency calculation, you can read Amanda Tracy’s email sent earlier this week.

On Monday the 6th, the bake sale begins, and will occur between the hours of 7:30 to 3:30. This means that in the Great Hall, there will be a smorgasbord of different pastries ranging anywhere from cakes to gluten-free delights. If you find there is something missing from the variety provided, do everyone a favor and bring something in. Contact the Midwinter Madness Committee, and you can even receive a half-hour of service.

Starting at 3pm on the evening of February 10th, there are two events happening back-to-back that promise to entertain. First, there will be a Senior vs. Faculty Basketball game. This game is a coed, head-to-head matchup of OES’ toughest athletes in the entire school. Entry to the game is $5, but to make it even more exciting, anyone can buy points onto the scoreboard for a particular team. This is no JV matchup folks; they play to win.

Afterwards, there is the Powderpuff Volleyball tournament with Catlin Gabel. If you would not only like to raise money for a good cause, but also flaunt your skills as you defeat Catlin Gabel in a sports tournament, this is the event for you.

There are a few differences in this year’s fundraising, but the main one is the change from Crushes to Izzes. So far, they have received mixed responses, but I particularly like them. In previous years, very few people actually drank the soda, instead throwing it away. While you can no longer say “You have a Crush” (a double entendre), people will now be able to actually drink their sodas. For that reason, I believe the drink change will be a huge success.

Please note that you are able to charge to your student account if you do not wish to pay with cash. Either way, you will receive a bill, so check with your parents first. If your parent wishes to send you a personalized message and soda, they can fill out a crush slip during the upcoming PAL meeting.

For more information, check your email regularly and follow the OES Instagram and Facebook pages for photos from every event. Let the Madness Begin!