2017 Midwinter Madness: One Week In

By Jethro Swain

As we’re now a full week into Midwinter Madness, approaching the home stretch, there are a lot of questions looming, and I tried to answer as many as I could.

The biggest question is; is Chris Meyers a marketing guru and has he created a legion of students tasked to suck money from our student accounts? The answer is yes, but for a good cause.

Midwinter Madness hasn’t changed that much since I came into high school. There’s always been a bake sale, always been a senior faculty game, always been drinks to sell, and it’s always all been for charity.

But there are definitely some very noticeable differences this year. The most influential one is the transition from Crushes to Izzes, and I would say the change is working well.

“Izze’s aren’t too sugary; I hated Crushes,” said Belle S.

“I wish they were selling Rockstars, I’m a big energy drink guy,” said Daniel L.

When I talked to Liz Weiler, one of the faculty leaders on the Midwinter Madness staff, she told me that, “the Izzes are selling a lot better than the Crushes. I think people appreciate the Izzes a lot more as a drink, whereas the Crushes were just tossed and the glass bottles were harder to deal with. I think we’ll be able to sell as many, if not more than last year.”

Another question is; why did we choose to sponsor the seed school, an organization so far outside of our community?

Personally, I’ve been hearing mixed responses, some positive and some negative, about the charity itself and about the presentation at chapel last Tuesday. Liz told me that, “One reason [they chose the seed school] was the long term relationship, we hoped that building a school with them would be something that we could look at as a community and remember that we did for years to come. With how far our money goes in Liberia, funding the school will hopefully have a rippling affect and change that community for the better.”

I can’t remember the charities from two and three years ago, so choosing a charity where we can contribute to a physical structure that will have a part of it named after our school is the most likely way students will be able to remember and visualize what it is they are donating for.

Something else that’s different about this year, is the lack of events. Since there were a large chunk of snow days this year, which meant a lot of activity blocks not made up, the MWM committee was short on time. Casino night and the senior-faculty game returned, but bubble soccer and powderpuff football are among games that have disappeared for various reasons, and volleyball was run by community board, not Midwinter Madness. So, with the lack of events, will MWM be able to keep up to par with other years in terms of raising money?

“I think we’ll be able to meet the bottom line this year,” Liz told me.

“You sound like a true business woman,” said Lauren Shareshian in the background.

With the rise in drink sales for Izzes, and the bake sale flourishing as much as ever, the only room for drop off is in the lack of events, but Liz speculated that, “maybe since there are only a few events, students will be more inclined to go to all of the few ones, rather than have to pick and choose between multiple.”

So if all turns out well the seed school will be getting their check in the normal $15,000 range.

But one question I could not get answered was what is happening with the game board in the great hall?

“You know, we’re still coming up with ways to win points,” Sophie S., one of the senior MWM leaders told me. “There’s still the senior-faculty game and volleyball night.”

But only seniors can win points in the basketball game, and what if Catlin wins volleyball, I told Sophie.

“You know, that’s a good point,” she said.

“Maybe stuffed animal chapel?” said fellow MWM senior leader Vanessa L.

Game board aside I would say that Midwinter Madness is living up to expectations this year. Don’t forget to buy Izzes and bake sale treats, and make sure to show support and both the senior-faculty game and the Catlin-OES volleyball night this Friday after school!