Bake Sale Crepes

By Asa Brown

Le Jour des Crêpes, or National Crêpes Day is on February 2nd in France, but for OES this date falls on February 9th.

In case you didn’t know, on Thursday during activity, crêpes were served in the Great Hall. Although they were only $4-$5, many thought that the crêpes were a bit of a let down. Junior Peter B. said of the crêpes, “they were priced appropriately.” Several were much more harsh.

Anonymous junior said while eating the crêpes that “this is so disappointing.” Junior Graham O., after eating half a crêpe, and throwing up, said that “After puking in the trash can I have concluded that the french tacos were not very good.” Others were more upbeat. Isabelle S. said that “These are really good” while eating. However, no matter the opinion on the crêpes, the consensus was that it depended what flavor.

Lemon, instead of chocolate, brought out the flavor better, according to many. The crêpes were made of eggs, flour, butter, sugar, salt, and milk. Crêpes are made by pouring batter onto hot plate, then flipping to cook both sides. Usually Crêpes are served as breakfast or dessert, but activity seemed to be a good enough time for most. The condiments for the crêpes were as follows:

Whipped cream


Chocolate chips


Chocolate sauce

Powdered sugar



Unfortunately cinnamon didn’t really go with anything else, and the jam wasn’t even opened. So the best combinations (in my opinion) are: whipped cream, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, butter, lemon, and powdered sugar. All in all, the Crêpes were at least a bit of a change for the daily norm, and without making a wallet too much lighter. Also, Graham is the only person to have reported illness from the Crêpes.

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