Crushes to Izzes

By Isabelle Saba

If you haven’t already noticed, the Crush sales have changed to Izze’s.

This change is due to the fact that “There was a lot of negative reaction to the Crush flavors” -Liz Weiller, one of the teacher leaders of Midwinter Madness. The previous flavors of Crush were Orange, Strawberry, and Grape. There are now four flavors of Izze: Clementine, Apple, Blackberry, and Grapefruit. Personally, I really like the Clementine and Apple flavor. The great John Holloran, Director of Studies and Head Class Advisor of 2019, called crushes “vile” and prefers Izzes a lot more.

According to Midwinter Madness representative Christina B., class of 2019, the Midwinter Madness Activity “discussed and realized that no one actually drank the crushes. That was extremely wasteful and definitely goes against the whole idea of Midwinter Madness. We considered changing the drink slightly last year; however this year we really wanted to since the sales have gone down progressively each year. We wanted a drink that was both healthier and more environment friendly. Since Izzes are recyclable and have significantly less sugar, we decided to change the drink.”

Izzes have only 90 calories in 8.4 ounce cans which is half the calories of a bottle of 12 ounce Crush (sold in previous years). Clementine Izzes also have 18 grams of sugar compared to 50 grams of an Orange Crush. The IZZE Beverage company claims that “the sugars/carbohydrates in IZZE are naturally occurring, and come from wholesome sources” since the Izzes are “made of real fruit juice.” –IZZE Frequently Asked Questions

Cara S., class of 2018, takes a rather neutral stand on the issue given the fact that she remembers “being so excited to finally be in the high school and be able to send/receive crushes” but she does like how “people will actually drink the Izzes and not have them sitting in their locker/on their desk for literal years”. All in all, I really like the switch especially since the company is “named after Isabelle, the eldest daughter of Todd Woloson, our co-founder.” –IZZE Frequently Asked Questions

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