An Interview with Tamed Southeast CEO Abraham Harris

by Thomas Hochman

In an effort to cover the accomplishments of the OES student body, The Dig went down (to the great hall) to meet with the famed President and CEO of Tamed SE, a new alternative clothing brand taking the school — and city — by storm.

So, Abe, what was the main idea behind Tamed SE?

AH: Bridging the Limited to the Tame. We design and innovate for those who aren’t willing to push the limits of what is true.

Wait, so, your brand is for those who aren’t willing to push the limits?

AH: You heard what I said.

How has the company been doing thus far?

AH: Business is booming. A couple kids over at Jesuit tried to copy our brand but we have a higher Instagram following on @tamed_se so we’re not too worried about it.

Your photos are really high quality. Do you have a professional photographer in your staff?

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.48.32 PM.png

AH: Yeah, Trevor has helped us out a lot. We pride ourselves on putting a lot of work into our social media presence.

I’m also curious to hear how you got so many celebrities to represent your brand. Is it true that Barack Obama wears your stuff?


AH: Yeah we were pretty stoked to find out that Barack had such a contemporary fashion sense — we never would have imagined that he’d sport the “Dollaz Tee,” but I mean, Tamed SE is visionary. Now that he’s left his job we’re hoping that he’ll move on to more important things — like working with us.

So I was scrolling through your Instagram page and I saw that some of the pictures weren’t actually of Tamed SE apparel. One was just a picture of some kid and a bag of Cheetos. What was the thought process behind that post?

AH: Art.

Alright Abe, thanks for talking to us today!

AH: #staytamed #tamedfamily. New grills collab with Rick Harrison coming soon. Stay tuned.

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