A Plea for School Spirit at This Year’s Lacrosse Games

By Charlie Norgaard

OES is unlike most other schools’ athletic programs.

While our school is notorious for its academic rigor, our athletic achievements haven’t quite kept up recently. Although we have won a number of state and league titles over the years, OES has recently been in a bit of a drought.

Obviously our lack of victory cannot be attributed to our coaching staff. After all, we have some of the best coaches in the state. What I would attribute our struggles to is our ‘off the field support’. I’m not only talking about attendance for each game, but more specifically the energy we bring in support of our competing teams.

If you’ve ever been to a varsity game at a large public school, the power of the crowd is incomparable to that of an OES crowd. Not only is the size much larger, but at public school games the energy is ten times better. You won’t just hear an occasional “Go Johnny” or a faint “O-E-S”, you’ll hear a harmony of cheers and roars that will make you have sincere pride in your team.

If you want proof that better crowds really do lead to better performance on the field, let’s look at the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are notorious for their 12th man. For those who have been living under a rock, in football, only eleven players at a time can be on the field for each team; however the fans that attend Seahawks home games are so loud and impressive, that it give the Seahawks an advantage that’s similar in strength to having another man on the field — and it really does work. At home, the Seahawks went 7-1 this season.

Now that the lacrosse season is nearing, OES will be competing at the 6A level. Unlike others sports at OES, those of which compete against other 3A level teams OES, the level of competition is much higher. Both the boys and girls teams have been working year-round in preparation for the season, but like any other year we are going to need help from the crowds.

OES shall no longer be known as the SAT nerds, because we aren’t just nerds. We are a comprehensive gathering of nerds that excel in academics and athletics. We are the best student-athletes in Oregon, and there is no better way to show that than this lacrosse season. Vocalize your school pride and spirit so that the Aardvarks can steal a state title this year. Let’s make OES a road game that teams will be petrified to see on their schedule. And yes, trash talk is okay, just keep it classy.