Vending Machines

By Teddy Siker

The vending machines at OES were first installed when the cafeteria decided to discontinue the after school snack program called “Snack Shack.”

There are two main areas where the vending machines are located: by the cafeteria and on the first floor of the Drinkward center. There are two machines at the Drinkward center and three by the cafeteria, all which carry relatively similar items.

On Wednesdays, students remember to bring their vending machine money. This is because Wednesday is refill day. Most people buy on Wednesday to get their share of the most popular item: Mike and Ike candy costing $1.75. Each week, staff refill about forty packs of Mike and Ikes which usually sell out by the next day. Students have tried requesting for another slot of Mike and Ike candy with no success. I talked to Daniel Elleman, a freshman who regularly visits the vending machines, “I enjoy Pop Tarts from the vending machines because they are a good replacement for dessert when the cafeteria does not supply any.” Pop tarts are another popular item that usually sell out by the end of the week.

When the machines were announced to replace the Snack Shack, people were upset, mostly because they would learn to miss the churros and chocolate milk. Over the years, the qualities of the machines improved, and in my opinion, make a healthy replacement and addition to the OES Upper School.

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