OES Ski Team Update

By Asa Brown

Skiing was first practiced in 600 BCE in China, as a mode of transportation. Today, the OES Ski Team carries on the legacy of those first pioneers in sacrificing at least six Fridays and Saturdays to compete.

The team will miss four days of school next week to compete against teams all around the state, except for teams near Bend-Madras area who have barred from competition due to fist-swinging coaches. If you can, come up to Mt. Hood Meadows on February 28th to March 3rd. Here are the competitors for OES who are going:

Sami W. ‘19:

She was the robust skier that helped define the OES ski team, finishing 1st in every race that she participated in. However, when talking about her chances, Sami was candid: “the truth is that state is a race where it is anyone’s game. You could have dominated every race and at state you just mess up and lose it.” Sami has participated in many more prestigious races than Oregon High School State including Nationals in Maine and a race in Russia. In addition to that resume, Sami has been racing for eleven years. Despite all this knowledge, Sami still claims that he doesn’t prefer one event over another.

Grace W. ‘19:

The girls team captain entered her second year on Ski Team as the projected 13th best skier in the district. Grace seems to utilize a somehow both cautious and audacious approach, resulting in unprecedented crashes. Although she never seems to reach the Mach 2 speeds of others on the team, Grace still hits every gate with the force of a 20-ton truck. Grace is going as an individual due to the fact that OES was not able to field a whole girls team.

Jordan A. ‘18:

Famous for freeskiing clips that can be found at @oesskiteam, Jordan continued to improve this year. Consistently making varsity, Jordan clamored along on his self described “toothpicks” of skis, all with an everlasting grin of mischief upon his face. Despite having the goggles of a hoodlum, Jordan and his nosed ski mask fly along solid water on $80 Craigslist skis.

Evan C. ‘17:

Grizzled veteran mixed with dynamic signal caller, Evan C. will try to retire on a great performance. Captain, team DJ, and criticizer of Jordan’s speaker, Evan will join the others who have graduated, after this race, taking his place in the Ski Team Hall of Fame next to Jack L.

Alex M. ‘18:

Alex M, also known as the silent killer, inconspicuously churns out fantastic times for the OES ski team. With the most disciplined sleeping schedule, Alex McSlays in every move he makes. Whether it is his astute knowledge of skiing or 500, Alex hopes to have success at the big level.

Hugh S. 20’

Nicknamed the prodigy, the great one, and Mr. First Seed, Hugh S. grew from a wide-eyed skier with great hopes to almost reaching the potential of fellow young skier, number 69, Hayden Mills. Hugh continues to improve on his racing as he challenges for top ten in the district. According to teammate Ian B., “He’s so good at shredding the gnar”.  

Gabe S. ‘17

Your winner of the 2017 Metro Ski League Coming Back from Something Bad award, Gabe rounds out as the team alternate on varsity. Despite having a number high enough to be a freshman, Gabe, through his commitment to the team as well as his legs that are larger than Khalid Bin Mohsen Shaari himself, earned a spot on this list.

Ian R. ‘20

Setting the land speed record at 439.563 MPH, narrowly defeating George Poteet in Poteet’s IC turbocharged Chevrolet, Ian sees his life flash before his eyes at every gate, becoming possibly closer to God than any man ever has and lived to tell about it. Sometimes, however, while traveling in speeds only nuclear physicists, NASCAR drivers, and Donald Trump’s press secretary deals with, a speck of dust throws off the entire counter balance, causing a catastrophe of epic proportions.