OES’ Bike Riders

By Teddy Siker

With intentions of going green, several students at OES have committed to using bikes as their method of transportation to school instead of cars or busses.

Perhaps you want to know the pros and cons of bike riding–and that’s where you’re in luck. Noah S., class of 2018, rides about a mile on his commute, and has acquired a great amount of experience riding his bike to and from school every day. He told me that a benefit of riding your bike is that it’s enjoyable. Marie B., also in the class of 2018, encourages riding a bike because “it is awakening” and “a great way to start your day”. According to the people I interviewed, positive effects of riding a bike include starting your day freshly and enjoying the ride by itself.

However, there could be more negative aspects to riding a bike than positive. First, two out of the three students mentioned how wet they are during the day because they ride their bikes, “I’m soaking wet until G block”, Jordan A., a junior says. Jordan rides an average of two miles to school each day. Being wet for half of a school day is probably quite uncomfortable. But just when you think being wet is horrible, Noah mentions how bikes have been stolen from the rack. This has caused the bike community to always lock their bikes when they arrive at school. I have received no specific information on whose bike has been stolen, but you’d better lock your bike if you want to get home. Reassuringly, Kennedy B., a freshman, has not seen any case of theft, but because this is his first year attending OES, he may not know of theft in previous years.

Riding a bike to school promotes a clean environment and exercise. It saves money and soothes stress. It can be reassuring to have a bike at school and know that there’s always a way to get home. There’s no doubt that there are downsides to riding your bike, but in my opinion, the positive effects that not only benefit the riders but the whole community are worth getting a bit wet for.

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