My Spring Break

By Colin Bock

This year for Spring Break my family booked a trip to the widely-renowned Majahuitas Resort near Yelapa, Mexico.  

The resort didn’t receive a single negative review and seemed to have amazing rooms and a fantastic beach.  The only negative thing was the fact that there was no electricity whatsoever.  At first, I honestly didn’t want to go on this trip simply because of the lack of electricity; however, I was shocked to discover that there’s more to life than my 250 day snapchat streaks.  

The day we arrived, we took a boat to the resort, which is the only method to access it, and we were greeted immediately by the four golden labs, Champ, Luna, Sandy and Lady.  

The average day consisted of a plethora of different options for exploration.  The day after we arrived, we went on a four mile hike to a waterfall to swim in.  The next day we went to the greatest zipline company in all of Mexico, Los Veranos, and we enjoyed chips and guacamole afterward.  

The rest of our trip was quite mellow as we spent most of our time at the beach coloring or swimming or even playing table-tennis.  Sadly, my dad and I never finished our match, and we we’re tied at 2 sets apiece.

When we were there, we met many different families, all of whom were like us.  I played a thrilling game of Monopoly with two middle school boys, and of course, ya boy won.  As it turns out, having hotels on Park Place and Boardwalk is lethargic in Monopoly.  

Being without technology for a week really enlightened my view of the Majahuitas, and I honestly consider the place to be truly magical.  It’s just too bad that Vallarta Adventures plans to buy the resort and tear it down.  Let’s just hope people can convince them not to, as this is perhaps my favorite spring break ever.  

All in all, I give the place a 10/10.  The staff was friendly, I improved my Spanish, and I had an all-around great time.