Catlin-OES Dance

By Jethro Swain

From the soccer field, to the volleyball court, to trips to foreign countries, OES and Catlin see each other often. This Friday, the OES-Catlin relationship might get a little bit more intimate.

For the first time, Catlin has invited OES to one of their school dances, which will be their annual version of evarglow. This mixer will take place in the Catlin Gym, which is a larger space than the great hall, middle school commons, or old lower school, and is fit to hold a dance between our two schools.

Plans to make this joint dance happen have been in the works for the past couple years, but it has never quite worked out until now. Both sides have been left to wonder and think “what if?” Maybe a dance like this could be incredible, amazing, even magical, or it could be a complete train wreck when Emerson starts a brawl with Jacob Adler for stealing his player of the league award from him.

Catlin’s dances are usually successful for their student body, but how will our presence influence that? Will our student bodies that are so similar mesh well, or will we both be so used to the way our smaller dances are that we dismiss the dance entirely?

“I think it might be weird, Catlin might make it weird. The fact that Catlin is running it means it’ll probably be very different from what our dances are like. Like they came in to gathering and even talked about how some of their rules are different. So, I’m expecting something new from what we usually experiences at dances,” said Simon M.

Catlin has their own list of rules that they shared with us through community board this week. One of OES’ few set rules is “No Grinding”, which is a rule that isn’t on Catlin’s list.

“After a lot of years of hard work that both of our school’s seniors have gone through, it’ll be fun to kick back and have a fun dance together,” said Sophie S.

The dance will be something different, I believe, mainly since it’s at a different venue, with a modified yet still wholesome set of rules, with a second group of students to, theoretically, double the size.

“It’s going to be interesting, I’m going to go experience it for myself. It’s a once in a high school experience for us OES students” –Elliot N.